WOMADelaide 2011

In March Namila and I headed over to WOMADelaide for some festival fun. Namila was mcing on the workshop stage throughout the festival and so I went off on various photography missions. Systa BB, presenter of ‘The Good, The Dub & The Global’ on RRR radio organised a photography pass for me to shoot photos for the station. She had three performers to interview in the speaker sessions: Archie Roach, Nitin Sawhney and Martha Wainwright. Her interview with Archie Roach was recorded for broadcast and her written piece ended up as a feature in ‘The Trip’ magazine along with the photos.

During the festival I met Sam & Paul who were over from Oxford running a series of product demos around Australia for Solid State Logic (I’d actually just attended their demo in Melbourne). Whilst we were chatting I bumped into a friend Steve Fieldhouse who was recording the festival for the ABC, and just happened to be using an SSL C200 console in the OB Truck (talk about a coincidence!). Steve and his co-sound engineer Tom gave the three of us a tour through the ABC OB truck. I ended up shooting photos for the ABC for the rest of the festival to accompany the recordings.