Sound Librarian 2012 Recording Workshop

Sound Library’s Stephan Schultze ran a location sound recording workshop at the Docklands Studios Sound Stage 1 on the 6th of September. The event attracted around 70 recording enthusiasts and covered microphone placement for recording a sports car, dry ice with stringed instruments, flying arrows, crowd noises and some screaming. Stephan’s a fantastic public speaker and extremely passionate about recording (perhaps bordering on obsessive!). He has over 25,000 sounds recorded and catalogued which are able to be browsed and licenced through his website   My involvement was to film and photograph the event although of course I took the Nagra VI and a set of DPA 4023 mics to capture some sounds. I snapped this photo of Stephan before the equipment was rolled in. Stephan is cutting up some Youtube video’s from the day so worth keeping an eye on his website if you’re interested in catching them.