Choristry CD Recording

Choristry ran a crowd funding campaign through Pozible and managed to raise funds to produce a new CD. This recording took place over three nights at St Johns Church in Southbank. For the first two nights Ben Cook assisted with the recording and on the third night Jon O’Neil assisted. We setup the main matched pair of DPA4023s cardiod mics in ORTF configuration to capture a natural wide stereo image; the second matched pair of DPA4023s were positioned in XY, three quarters of the way down the church facing the rear to pick up more of the diffuse field just in case we needed a little more later down the track. Mics run into the Nagra VI with additional EMP pres. In addition we took several impulse responses of the church using 45 second sine sweeps using the Convolution Reverb Pro plugin from Max for Live.

Choristry Recording St Johns