Music of the Orient: India and China

Over the weekend James and I headed over to the Northcote Uniting Church to record three fantastic musicians perform a mixture of Indian and Chinese music. I haven’t been to this particular Church before and it was obvious that street noise was going to be an issue as the Church fronts onto a main street. So we put emphasis on the positioning of the instrument microphones, with the plan of adding room microphones subtly to glue the overall recording together. Microphones were run to the Nagra VI recorder coupled with the Nagra EMP preamp. We used two DPA 4023s in overhead ORTF configuration and two 4023s for spots on the guzheng and bansuri flute as well as two Shure SM57s on the tablas. The concert featured Mindy Mang Wang on guzheng, Vinod Prasanna playing bansuri flute and Glen Kniebeiss on tabla.