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Night Soundscapes – Bungle Bungles, WA

2 x DPA4006A omnis, AB arrangement in Rycote cyclones into Nagra VI

Night Soundscapes – Elephant Rock, WA

2 x DPA4006A omnis in Rycote cyclones into Nagra 7

Bungle Bungles recording equipment

Ten days recording Bart Willoughby and soundscapes around the Bungle Bungles alongside good friend and photographer Cole Bennetts. For the trip I took two stereo mic rigs: a stereo bar with two Rycote cyclones (bottom left) containing DPA4006A omni mics for AB recordings, and the DPA4023 cardioids in the Rycote ORTF windshield. The bottom far right windshield got […]

Night Soundscapes – Simpsons Gap, NT

Pair of DPA4023s (ORTF arrangement) inside Rycote Stereo Windshield into Nagra VI.

Night Soundscapes – Devils Marbles, NT

Pair of DPA4023s (ORTF arrangement) inside Rycote Stereo Windshield into Nagra VI.

Night Soundscapes – Kakadu, NT

Pair of DPA4023s (ORTF arrangement) inside Rycote Stereo Windshield into Nagra VI.

Night Soundscape – Jabiru, NT

25km outside Jabiru. Pair of DPA4023s (ORTF arrangement) inside Rycote Stereo Windshield into Nagra VI.

Melbourne Town Hall

3 days recording drums and organ for Bart Willoughby

Dam Frogs – Rossi, NSW

Pair of DPA4023s setup for ORTF inside a Rode blimp.

Singapore – wide MKH60 & DPA4023 pairs

Divinyls Reworked

Choir recording for the Divinyls Reworked CD. Great project and wonderful to see it come to fruition.

AES Melbourne meeting, SoundFirm Dolby Atmos

Great demonstration of the Dolby Atmos system and histroy of film sound presented at SoundFirm by Chris Goodes. Upcoming AES meeting info here

Brook Andrew, De Anima

Recording & surround mix for De Anima video installation by Brook Andrew.

Bart Willoughby Bendigo Concert

Audio visual production, operate and record for Bart Willoughby concert at Sacred Heart Cathedral. Great sounding organ and acoustics. Interesting blend of sound having the organ placed at the rear whilst choir & musicians at the front of the audience. Midas M32 console with remote stage box at the cathedral and stage box at the stage and a number […]

MCEC Augmented Reality Sound

Location effects recordings with Ben Cook at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for an augmented reality presentation demonstrating the main Plenary changing shape through the use of the Unity 3D game engine, projected on the Plenary walls.

CamRade bag for Nagra VI

Picked this up and finding it more practical than the standard Nagra VI bag. It has cable windows so wireless receivers can sit neatly in the pouch without cables running through the top opening. Also the recorder can be removed without needing to undo screws (like the original bag) and it has a large see through plastic […]

Orange, NSW

Bungle Bungle Soundscapes

Bungle Bungle Ranges at Purnululu National Park at the top of Western Australia, IRT and NOS soundscape recordings and testing acoustics for an upcoming project. Amazing place!

Melbourne Town Hall, Bart Willoughby Concert

Contracted by the National Film and Sound Archives to record audio and video for Bart Willoughby’s performance at the Melbourne Town Hall. A great night and a full house. We captured the show with four Canon 5D3 cameras, a ProTools rig (Nagra VI clocked with RME UFX & ADI-QS8 interfaces) and a Sound Devices 702 with […]

Sound Librarian Recording Workshop

Sound Librarian’s Stephan Schutze ran his Recording Workshop again at the Docklands Studios and we were asked to film and record the event for a series of upcoming youtube clips. This year around 90 people attended and a quick headcount showed that around half of the attendees brought field recorders to the event, along with three Sound Devices […]

Melbourne Town Hall recording Bart Willoughby

More all night recording sessions for Bart back at the Melbourne Town Hall, interestingly the organ has 6024 pipes and stands at 9.75 metres high. Jon O’Neil lent a hand for these and brought along a bag of extra microphones (including a pair of AKG C414 XLS’, Carillon AXIS 70 ribbon and a Neumann TLM 49). […]

Choristry CD Recording

Choristry ran a crowd funding campaign through Pozible and managed to raise funds to produce a new CD. This recording took place over three nights at St Johns Church in Southbank. For the first two nights Ben Cook assisted with the recording and on the third night Jon O’Neil assisted. We setup the main matched […]

Town Hall with Bart Willoughby

Recording session with Bart Willoughby on organ at the Melbourne Town Hall. Took various impulse responses of the hall (sine sweeps through a pair of Mackie HR824 monitors) for instruments recorded later in the studio.

Music of the Orient: India and China

Over the weekend James and I headed over to the Northcote Uniting Church to record three fantastic musicians perform a mixture of Indian and Chinese music. I haven’t been to this particular Church before and it was obvious that street noise was going to be an issue as the Church fronts onto a main street. So […]

The Star Chorale and Orchestra at MLC

Contracted to record and produce a run of CDs for the Star Chorale Choir and Orchestra. Concert recorded in the James Tatoulis Auditorium at the Methodist Ladies’ College with assistance from James Howard. A week before the concert I headed along to a rehearsal to meet and hear the choir, check the acoustics of the auditorium and plan […]

Choristry – St John’s Southgate

Choristry performing Dvořák’s Stabat Mater at St John’s Southgate, a modern medium sized  church in a quiet pocket of Southbank. The soloists were: Diipti Firmstone (Soprano), Christina Jonas (Alto), Michael Lapina (Tenor)  and Andrea Carcassi (Bass). The concert was conducted by Trevor Jones with Piano by Peter Dumsday.

Dya Singh

Throughout 2010 and 2011 I’ve been recording and producing CDs with Dya Singh which has been a great experience, both for honing recording skills and learning more about music. Amongst the recordings I traveled to a few festivals and concerts to see Dya and his group perform and one moment which sticks out is from the Woodford Folk Festival. Straight […]

Bukhchuluun Ganburged

Bukhchuluun Ganburged came to Melbourne late January to perform at Federation Square and he got me interested in finding out more. I’d taken some portfolio photos for Bukhu before previously and having since heard one of his CDs offered to do some recording whilst he was in town. As things turned out we both found time and recorded […]

Woodford Festival

I drove up to the Woodford Folk Festival to record and photograph a number of artist performances including: Dya Singh World Music Group, The Bird, Mista Savona, Leah Flannigan, RedBantoo, Hermitude and Spankinhide. Most of the concert recordings were made taking a direct mix out from the console alongside a stereo pair of DPA4023s in ORTF […]

Night Soundscape – Warwick, QLD

During my road trip up to the Woodford Festival I got stuck in Warwick because of floods blocking the way out of town and the way I’d drove in. So I spent the night with around 250 others camping out on the floor of the Aquatic Centre. It was good meeting the locals and other […]

East coast soundscapes

Here’s some Australian soundscapes made at various intervals between Sydney and Brisbane using a Nagra VI field recorder and a pair of DPA 4023 microphones.


About 15km northeast of Cowra.

Night Soundscape – Orange, NSW

1am soundscape of a dam just outside of Orange, NSW. Recorded using a Nagra VI field recording and pair of DPA 4023 microphones in ORTF configuration.

Australian farm soundscapes (west of Orange, NSW region)

96kHz stereo daytime Australian farm soundscapes collected between 2pm and 4pm, west of Orange, NSW. Recorded to a Nagra VI field recorder with a matched pair of DPA4023 cardiod microphones in ORTF arrangement.

Australian bushland soundscapes (north of Orange, NSW region)

96kHz stereo daytime Australian bushland soundscapes collected between midday and 3pm, north of Orange, NSW. Recorded to a Nagra VI field recorder with a matched pair of DPA4023 cardiod microphones in ORTF arrangement.

Dockland seagulls

Sound of seagulls at the docklands Melbourne, 1.30am. Matched pair DPA4023 cardioids in ORTF to Nagra VI.

Melbourne Composers League Presents Five Pointed Star

Headed down to the Trinity Uniting Church in Brighton on a sunny Sunday with Sam McNicol to record the Five Pointed Star concert for the Melbourne Composers League. Here’s an excerpt of composer Andrew Batterham’s song Such Sweet Sorrow, performed by the Silo String Quartet.  

Shanghai World Expo soundscape composition

Contracted to produce a 20 minute music piece used in the Australian Pavilion throughout the World Expo in Shanghai to accompany sand art performances; the piece was a fuse of instrument recordings, outback soundscapes and sample-based production.

Monks Chanting at the Gyuto Monastery, North India

As part of the GEOS expedition led by Greg Simmons we recorded monks chanting at the Gyuto Monastery in January 2010

Ustad Ali Abbas Khan in Varanasi

On the GEOS expedition with Greg Simmons we recorded shehnai player Ustad Ali Abbas Khan and his ensemble in the grounds of the Chet Singh Palace in Varanasi, overlooking the Ganges River.